NATHALIE BELLEY, avocate s.a. is a solid team of 3 attorneys who all work for the same objective: offer legal services connected to your needs in a personalized atmosphere.

Render accessible to you our complex and diversified law field of practice in an armful and human environment is one of our up most priority.

Built a trustful relationship, give a legal counsel and be there for you are inclusive part of our mission. We know you want to understand where your case is going, so we give you the truth about it.

Our legal assistant brings to us a significant output to the accomplishment of our mission. She will help you with your demand though out all the process adding to your services a pleasant touch.

To excel in our expertise, to satisfy all yours expectations and distinguish ourselves from others by our personalized services is for us giving you the best.

Our firm established in the heart of Old Chambly offer services to a large clientele composed of citizens and enterprises.


Law Firm in Chambly
1668, Bourgogne avenue, suite 202
Chambly (Quebec) J3L 1Z1
Phone : 450 447-4443

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