Why chose private mediation?

 Mediation is a process offering the parties the control of their own conflict, giving them the choice of their solution and an excellent tracking over cost.

 Contrary to classical, judicial debate, mediation is owned entirely by the parties.

Mediation is faster than traditional court process. Judicial process is governed by a judge who will impose his own and sole decision to the parties. There is only one winner in contradictory court.

 Nathalie Belley is an accredited mediator in civil, commercial and labor law.

She likes mediation because it permits her to use her knowledge to serve her client’s best interests and needs.

 Mrs Belley is calm, has a great capacity of adaptation and is a good listener. These personal qualities give her what it needed to be comfortable as a mediator.

 No matter what the legal difficulties in presence, mediation should always be an avenue to explore.

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